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Thriving People. Powerful Results.

Unleash Your People Leadership Today.

Your biggest assets walk out the door every evening.
It's your job to ensure they come back.

People don't leave bad companies. They leave bosses who don't connect.

People leadership isn’t rocket science, but it isn’t easy. Of course, you already know this.

Whether you are a front-line leader or an executive leader of leaders, finding and keeping the people you need is both essential and difficult.

We know, because people like you tell us:

  • “People seem more sensitive than ever.”
  • “I’m burning out – there’s nothing I can do to prevent employee burnout when I’m exhausted.”
  • “I struggle giving feedback.”
  • “I don’t have time to think.”
  • “My team is riddled with gossip that feels toxic.”
  • “Our engagement scores are in the tank.”
  • “Between quiet quitting, the great resignation, and hybrid work arrangements, I can’t keep up.”
  • “Candidates ghost us which puts more stress on everyone.”

Why is this happening?

“I’m not going to work hard at a job that doesn’t care about me as a person.”

The landscape of work is changing right before our eyes.

  • People won’t tolerate jobs that leave them constantly burned out and exhausted.
  • 81% of workers today report they’ll be looking for workplaces that support mental health.
  • Most leaders consistently overestimate how employees are doing and how supported they feel.
  • A massive 68% of workers reporting feeling actively disengaged, meaning they’re disgruntled and disloyal.
  • Employers and employees disagree on whether remote and flexible work arrangements are good.

The person we work for (our immediate leader) is the primary way in we experience our company. Something needs to change.

People Make Companies Great.

Simply put, most organizations are not offering sufficient support to their People Leaders in these fast-changing and turbulent times.

Traditional education and organizational leadership programs fail to nurture People Leaders.

From Business School to Med School, we consistently fail to provide the right tools and skills People Leaders need to create meaningful connection, coaching, and support for real human beings.

Business, healthcare, education, non-profit and other leaders are taught technical and analytical skills in their sector and those skills are often how and why people are promoted. Great sales people become sales leaders. Excellent provider clinicians become medical directors. Skilled engineers become engineering managers.

This is what I call Performance Leadership, and those skills do matter.

But a focus on them alone is draining the life out of people, crippling our workforces. Performance Leadership, in the short term at least, serves organizational and business interests by focusing on delivering results.

But Performance Leadership as a sole focus comes with a high cost of to employees and employers including burnout, disengagement, poor health, job misery, and other toxic outcomes.

Drum roll pleasePeople Leadership shifts the status quo about leading on its head.

What is People Leadership?

People Leadership is understanding that when people thrive at work, everyone wins.

  • People Leaders know that every one of their direct reports is a unique human deserving their unique attention.
  • People Leaders are committed to developing the skill of their leadership in its own right.
  • People Leaders consciously build team care so that people talk to one another not about one another.
  • People Leaders define and document their internal culture, ensuring that it is healthy and positive for everyone who works there.
  • People Leaders ask questions, are empathetic for how people experience work, and are empowered and motivated to improve that experience.

The Leading People Program™ is a unique solution for specific people and organizations.

What are you willing to do to become an exceptional People Leader?

The Leading People Program™

Thriving people. Powerful results.

The Leading People Program™ is a unique solution for specific people and organizations.

  • You believe people are not machines…
  • You know your greatest asset is your people …
  • You see your role as building success and results for everyone…
  • You believe that when people thrive, everybody wins.

We offer in-house programs, volume pricing, and scaled tuition for qualifying non-profits.

Rise to the occasion and invest in your People Leadership.

How It Works

Over the course of 8 weeks, we provide clear, relevant tools for you to use right away while also providing peer- and expert-supported coaching facilitation to put what you learn into immediate practice.

Each core facet of effective People Leadership is considered through the unique filters of each leader and their specific industry, company, and team.

The Leading People Program™ has 3 core modules.

Module 1: Leading for Connection

Understand the no-heroes journey to counter burn-out, increase your self-awareness 10 fold ("Who we are is how we lead." Dr. Brené Brown) and learn how to flex how you show up.

Module 2: Create People-centered Systems

Get tools for awesome 1:1's, design engaging, results-oriented meetings, and hold accountability with compassion.

Module 3: Build a Team Culture of Belonging and Resilience

Learn to both foster and leverage a healthy culture, create real belonging, and lead in ways that develop long-term resilience. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are not an extra for us—we see it as central to great people leadership.

Trusted by Leaders

Our amazing clients are incredibly diverse. They include family-owned businesses, tech start-ups, nonprofits, companies that make stuff, adventure travel businesses, hospitals, schools, trade organizations, agencies and many more. They have one thing in common: a desire to invest in people and culture to achieve results for the organization and well-being for the people who work there.

Jeff Lancial

Twanya Hood Hill

Colin Schilling

Megan Haase

"We utilized Moementum’s services at Nintendo of America in a number of different contexts—from team development to leadership development to executive coaching. It added value every single time."
Flip Morse
Retired, SVP Administration Nintendo
"The LPP helped me see that I have a leadership style that I can leverage to improve my leadership through the assessments and coaching we received. The connections I made here will carry with me for a lifetime."
Catherine Flint
CEO Flint Design
"Moe Carrick is skilled at working with leaders, understanding an organization and applying the right tools at the right time for a company to see immediate and sustained results."
Scott Allan
Former General Manager, Hydro Flask
"The LPP has given me tools to manage people in a better way that will actually increase our productivity as a department and provide a bigger impact."
LPP Graduate
"What the LPP gave me was a sense of freedom about my role and the systems I interact with. As an HR leader, the pressure can be overwhelming. The LPP gave me a sustainable perspective on leadership."
Mo McGinnis, 2023 LPP Grad
"I'm the agent of change in my own life, personal and professional, and I already have access to all of the tools I need to be successful."
LPP Graduate
"I was quick to jump to solutioning, solving everyone's issues and the need to be 'liked'. It's ok to take a pause, not have all the answers and be vulnerable/transparent bringing one's whole/true self to the workplace."
LPP Graduate

About Me

Hi, I’m Moe Carrick. I help leaders change the way they work. I create value by building leaders who are good for people and unbreakable workplace cultures that last by putting the tools for both in the hands of everyone.

Every leader has a superpower. It’s the people they lead. Where we get confused is with all the other stuff–profit, legalese, gossip.

In my work, I return leaders to their superpowers. I teach them to help their people thrive. When their people thrive, the whole organization shifts into another gear. The results are amazing.

It all began at my first (and only) job in corporate America. But that is a long story. The short version is that I experienced firsthand how leadership can impact an organization’s success.

Then I spent more than 30 years studying, teaching, and guiding leaders to find their strengths and achieve their goals.

For most of my career, I’ve worked with C-Suite, senior leaders, principals, founders, and their teams. I’ve been at their side at the best of times–selling a multi-million dollar startup. And at the worst—laying off 60%+ staff.

It’s been a wild ride, and I am lucky to have learned so much from my clients.

Helping leaders unlock their superpowers without having to be superheros is the best part of my job.

Did you know your organization can pay for you to receive development training?

We’ve created a template letter for you to send to your supervisor or HR department.


Most frequent questions and answers

Let’s be real.

You and your people leaders actually know a lot already. They are the ones to activate the greatness lurking untapped in your team, supported by state of the art content and expert facilitation.

While I’m honored and amazed by the many, many clients I’ve had the privilege of supporting privately over the years, I can’t help but notice they really did all the work.

In the LPP, we effectively teach leaders how to become their own coaches so they can revolutionize their teams and organizations from the inside out.

Cohort Learning leverages the power of the group to hold accountability and learn together.

We purposefully cap the # of seats available at 30, so we can guarantee that everyone gets the personal attention they need.

Book your Free Discover Call for detailed pricing for your organization. We are also pleased to extend scaled pricing for qualifying non-profits and education and healthcare sectors.

Truth bomb: If you’re asking yourself this question, something needs to change. Overwhelm is the direct precursor to burnout.

Equip your leaders with better tools to manage workload, delegate effectively, and activate the true greatness of their teams. Today is the day to get started.

The Leading People Program™ is an intentional sprint. Yes, we ask attendees to do more things on top of everything else they have going on. But only for 8 weeks. The Leading People Program™ will end. And they’ll have new strategies to carve out and preserve time as well as a concrete plan for leading people so that they can use their creativity, discretion and judgment to solve their own problems.

What you say no to matters as much or even more than what you say yes to. And “no” is something we’ll practice in The Leading People Program™.

Anyone who is leading people in their role, from the bottom to the top.

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